2016 SS Auto trans w/ Full size spare and Sunroof "Some Like It Hot"
Current mileage is 4,700
Asking $43,500
VIN: 6G3F15RW0GL204630

I purchased the car in April of this year from a Toyota Dealership in Paducah, Ky when it had 3,100 miles on it. Previous owner I was told was an elderly gentleman who never drove it much as he became ill after purchase. His soon to be widow traded it in on a Hylander I believe. The Carfax shows an accident on the front left of the vehicle when owned by the original owner. Other than the date code on the tire being three years newer, I could not see any cosmetic evidence of the accident under the hood or difference in paint. I just had it detailed at Fast Lane Classic Cars in St. Charles, Mo and it looks awesome. The paint pops in the sunlight and looks like a burnt orange with the flake and really looks amazing.

I hate to get rid of it, but having owned another 2016 Black manual in the past, this ownership experiance is much more of a relationship with the garage space it occupies than anything else. I love the car to death, but I think its time to move on to something else (Corvette Z06. maybe.)

Car is in great shape short of a few rock chips and imprints from the kids car seats. Tires were the next upgrade on my list since 3 of the 4 are original, but with only putting 1,400 miles on it this year around town, it was the "after fall/winter" time deal. This was not my daily driver and just a fun weekend car or trip to the local grocery store.

Other than window tint and weather tech mats, it 100% stock. I don't know if anyone on this forum is looking for a minty fresh example or knows a friend looking for the right one, I'd figure I'd throw it up here and see what kind of interest it might generate. Thank you all for taking a look and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Autotrader listing for more photos.