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2016 Chevy SS Sedan - Magnuson HeartBeat

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Well, the ole Hot Rod - 2016 Chevy SS Sedan LS3 6.2 LTR finally got the Magnuson Heartbeat installed last week and it's CARB Approved for those in CALIF! Yes CARB approved. It's quiet, the car drives very nice and when WOT is required you hear the SC whine then the car comes to life. Awesome power I must say when needed! Tires are defin going to be my next issue now! LOL.

Should there be any interest in the Heartbeat kit, please contact Cindy Hernandez via email as she will provide you all the info of the kit and the approved installer(s) in your area! Email: [email protected]


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All excellent questions. What I know is my shop reports driveability problems - but I don't know specifically where.

They also reported flash problems and sent the PCM to MAG. So I assume the flash was successful.

They're coordinating sending my car to MAG for resolution, but no commitment to a schedule. My shop reports they've done over 50 SC kit installs and have never had these problems before. I'd just like MAG to respond directly with a resolution plan and schedule.

Right now I would not recommend this kit.

Any update on your dilemma? I was thinking that as the purchaser of their supercharger (whether through your shop or another authorized dealer) you have every right to call and talk to Magnuson customer service yourself. Perhaps get an update or find out if they even know what is happening with your car. It would be nice to rely on the shop to handle everything but nowadays that type of service is hard to come by.

Thanks for the feedback by the way. It sucks to have to go through all that but hopefully this info can help others in the future. Good luck.

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