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2016 Chevy SS Sedan - Magnuson HeartBeat

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Well, the ole Hot Rod - 2016 Chevy SS Sedan LS3 6.2 LTR finally got the Magnuson Heartbeat installed last week and it's CARB Approved for those in CALIF! Yes CARB approved. It's quiet, the car drives very nice and when WOT is required you hear the SC whine then the car comes to life. Awesome power I must say when needed! Tires are defin going to be my next issue now! LOL.

Should there be any interest in the Heartbeat kit, please contact Cindy Hernandez via email as she will provide you all the info of the kit and the approved installer(s) in your area! Email: [email protected]


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Someone correct me if Im wrong but you should receive a sticker with the CARB EO number when you purchase the kit. Just stick that under the hood. When you take it for smog they will see that you have a CARB EO so they shouldnt question it. Whether you are running the CARB legal tune or a custom tune, I doubt they would know as long as you are not throwing error codes.

Sucks you are running into these issues and without your car a period of time. I plan on getting the Maggie Heartbeat too since I am in Cali. I actually spoke to a shop thats near Magnuson (this shop has done a few SS and was recommended by others here) and they told me the issues you are having have been fixed. But apparently they have not.

When I get mines I plan on getting a custom tune so I wont have these drivability issues. I would lose their warranty but I guess thats the price for playing the game. The kit comes with 6lbs of boost. Im sure you would be fine as long as you have a good tuner.

I plan on just running the stock kit with stock exhaust to stay lega in CA. I just want a litte more fun for my daily driver. I dont plan on going to the track or races with it.

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Based on PDF from the Magnuson website regarding product eligibility for the limited powertrain warranty the SS doesn't qualify and get a warranty anyway. Unless there's something I'm missing...


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You could call your magnuson dealer and clarify, but I believe that listing is for the tuner kit that comes without the CARB EO tune. That's all they sold before the CARB EO was granted. As such, custom tuning was required and there was no powertrain warranty, just the parts warranty if you had it installed by a dealer, ASE mechanic at a shop, etc. If you meet all the conditions, and use the CARB tune on another otherwise unmodified vehicle, installed by dealer at a shop, etc, then the 3 year powertrain warranty applies.

As for california not detecting the tune, they won't currently as california is still working on implementing that check. They have been working to incorporate CALID and CVN in the SMOG check for several years. The CALIDs and CVNs of CARB EO tunes are already databased for use at a future date.
Thanks! Not really an issue for me as their tune won't work for what I'm doing but I found it interesting and wanted to see. That was the only SS line in the PDF that's supposedly updated in 2018.
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