After a little over 3 years of ownership the time has come to sell my SS. I posted this on a few of the FB pages and will eventually go to a seller site like autotrader or some such if I have to, but would rather sell it within the community. Details below....

2015 SS in Regal Peacock Green, otherwise known as the best color.
No sunroof
1 of 3 for the year if that's important to anyone
44,xxx miles and this will go up slightly. I basically drive it to and from work during the week and then we use my wifes GX on the weekends with the kids.

Only modifications are black fender vents (still have stock chromes, no broken tabs) and a 35% tint on the side and rear windows.
Included with price are a set of winter tires & wheels. The tires have less than 2,000 miles on them and are Vredestein Wintrac Pro's in 245/45/18. The winter wheel's are the black ones in the picture.
The summer tires (on stock forged) have more than half the tread left. They are Hancook Ventus V12 Evo2's.
The rear magrides were replaced last summer with OE parts, as well. Front magrides are tight with no visible leakage. I also had a Blackstone oil analysis done a few years back and it identified no issues whatsoever (not surprising).

It is a 7 year old car that has been daily driven, so although I do hand wash/wax/polish there are some imperfections but nothing noticeable from 5 or more feet away. Even though I drive it less than 7,000 miles a year I do get the oil changed every six months. It has a transferable warranty that I've found is actually easy to work with. They replaced the seat warmers, addressed brake squeal and a few other small items with no trouble. I believe its good up to 100k miles or 7 years from inception (3 years ago). No accidents, clean title, etc.

I'm located in St. Louis, MO.