2015, 6 speed manual, "Some Like it Hot" Red with 25,400 miles. 1 of 313 SLIHR in 2015. #5 of 24 as optioned.

Car has had the LSA blower for approximately 7500 miles. Originally installed and tuned by Race Proven Motorsports in Delaware. My car is in one of their videos :
(skip to 10:50)

The intake and exhaust was changed as well as a new pulley and it was retuned by EFX Tuning in Lindenwold NJ (no longer in business).

Best dyno numbers:

-556 rwhp on a dynojet (before new intake and better cats)
-551 rwhp on a Mustang dyno (after intake and cats.)

Car has been down the drag strip a total of 8 times in its life. Three times while it was stock. Best run with the blower is a 12.1 @ 120mph

Parts/Mod list:

  • stock LSA supercharger with a griptech 2.85 pulley (makes roughly 8.2 psi)
  • LS9 fuel rail with ID1050 injectors (I also have an E85 sensor kit that has not been installed)
  • stock fuel pump
  • Glanzer 5" air intake with LS7 MAF
  • custom heat exchanger
  • FI Interchillers coolant tank mounted in cabin air filter area
  • Varimax coolant pump
  • Kooks 1 7/8 headers w/ 3" Kooks "Green" cats
-3" Varex X-Force adjustable exhaust
-stock clutch
-Continental Extreme summer tires (255 and 285) with 9/32 tread
-original stock brakes
-windows tinted: 35% on doors, 20% on rear window, 70% on whole front windshield
-custom front grille with "Flow tie"

Asking $51,899
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