Hello SS fans. I have decided to part with my SS after 7 years of ownership. I bought it new in 2015, and over the years have done more that I can remember to the car. It has been childhood dream to own a modern muscle car and be fortunate enough to build it the way I wanted sparing no expense.
Here is a overview of the car. I will get the pictures uploaded in the next 24 hours.

Heron White
28k miles (garage kept)
6-speed manual
Forged 416 with Harrop 2650 blower
Harrop OTR with Harrop 110TB
Harrop LSA-style serpentine belt drive
Lingenfelter CNC'd heads
Lingenfelter intercooler pump
Upgraded valvetrain components.
app 900rwhp/850ft/lb tq.
18 lbs boost with current pulley setup
Forged Manley internals (built by Redline Performance)
Fore Innovations Fuel System (triple pump/Walbro)
Monster LT-1 Clutch
ARH long tube headers with GESI hi flow cats
Borla Tourning axle back
Flex Fuel for e85.
ID 1300 injectors
DSS Driveshaft
BC Forged 20 inch rims (OE wheels and tires included, with full size spare
Michelin Pilot tires
The car is very nice. Interior is outstanding. was a fun build, and have no regrets. It is time for the next guy to enjoy it.
This is my first time doing this so please help me get this right.
I will get the pics uploaded as soon as I figure out how.