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2015 bushing

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how do you change the front cradle bushings?
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Engine mounts? I don't think the front subframe has bushings. If you mean the engine mounts, I had to take out my exhaust manifolds, unbolt the A/C compressor, then unbolt the bushings, jack up the engine carefully, and swap them out. It was a pain, way easier in my GTO.
sorry ... rear cradle, the bushing that are near the fuel tank...
I haven't done them on this car, but I learned a trick when I did them in my GTO. If you have trouble getting the bushing to press out, you should be able to lower the subframe a bit, put a socket between the car and subframe, then use a jack to push the subframe toward the car. This should help press out the old bushings, then you can put the new ones in. Most aftermarket ones are full polyurethane, no metal shell.
I will try tomorrow, the cradle is down because I had to replace the parking module....thanks
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