Update (01/23/23) - Today, the car went to Redline Performance, in Glen Burnie, MD. The rear O² sensors were disabled via a tune, the CEL was cleared, and the Trans and Diff fluid services were also completed. I drove the 3 hours back home without a single issue. Attached is the documentation for today's service. Current mileage is now 42,000. If I can answer any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!

Update (01/18/23) - The car has an appointment next Monday, the 23rd, with Redline Performance in Glen Burnie, MD, to have the rear O2 sensors disabled and the CEL cleared, as well as the fluid changes for the Trans. and the Diff. completed. I figure that if the car doesn't sell after the fact, that it will have at least finally given me the motivation to have these simple issues corrected! Documentation to follow.

Good evening, everyone! I am listing my 2015 Alchemy Purple SS. 1 of just 61 in this color, 1 of 14 with the 6 speed, and #3 of 4 as optioned. Current mileage is 42,000 but mileage will continue to increase, as this is my daily driver.

I purchased the car from user @McSkillet on May 16, 2022. His original sale listing is located here: SOLD: 2015 APM, 6M, Sunroof, 28,631 miles | Chevy SS Forum (ssforums.com). There's still some very good information there regarding mods that he installed (ie. the black-out kit on the front of the car, CHE rocker arm bushings, skip-shift eliminator, RotoFab CAI, Kooks 1 7/8" inch headers with 3” hi-flow catted x-pipe, power stop Z26 brake pads, 3D Maxpider floor mats, and an oil catch can). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Since I've owned the car, I returned all the badges to the factory Chevrolet badges, installed a lighter (Matt Carlson) clutch spring, swapped the factory shift knob and boot for a suede unit out of the '16+ Camaro SS, and had 3M ceramic tint (35%) applied to all of the windows except for the windshield and the sunroof.

VIN: 6G3F25RW7FL107260

Cosmetic Issues -
1) Very shortly after I purchased the car, the headliner started to fall. I have included pics of that issue. I have not had the opportunity to correct it, as of yet. This is a very common issue.
2) The black trim on the roof and around the sunroof could still use some reconditioning. Again, pics included.
3) The car, under my ownership, had the unfortunate pleasure of receiving some pretty gnarly door dings on the rear driver's side door. They were professionally removed by my local PDR guy, but there is a very, very unnoticeable wave right on the body line where this damage occurred. If I don't point it out, nobody notices.

Mechanical/Electrical Issues -
1) I had the front bumper off last weekend to replace the Holden badged grille, with the Chevy badged grille and I have since noticed that my forward collision alert system is not working. If I press the button on the steering wheel, it does not give me the option to change the distance for the alert. It simply does nothing on the DIC. This does not bother me because it's an annoying system to begin with (and doesn't do anything but "alert" you that you're about to rear end someone). I do not believe that anything has come unplugged from the front, because all of my fogs, drls, proximity sensors and lane departure assist are working just fine. I will attempt to track down the cause of this issue prior to sale.

Extras -
1) I have a heavily curbed full size front spare, as well as a non-OE inflator, styrofoam inflator holder, and electric jack that will stay with the car.
2) The factory air intake setup will also stay with the car.

The last oil change was completed, by me, on Oct. 8, 2022 @36,577 miles.

I'm located in Broadway, VA. and I'm asking $52,000. Serious offers will be considered, and cash speaks.

Thanks, everyone!