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2014 Chevrolet SS sports sedan is the muscle car for families, will compete with Dodge Charger
Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Coming in at nearly $44,500, the Chevrolet SS is inevitably a niche product in the line up. That said, it is easy to discern who comprises the target market for a sedan with a V8 making 415 BHP and 415 ft.-lbs. of torque: Men who can't make the spousal case for owning a Camaro because of its impracticality as a family car, but who want comparable performance all the same.

But what about the Charger? There are V8 Hemi versions of the Charger that undercut the SS by nearly $10,000. The SRT8 version comes with a 6.4L V8 making 470 BHP and has a higher sticker price than the SS, even after you tack on the limited options Chevrolet will serve up. It would seem the Charger has the SS bracketed pretty well.

What the SS brings to the showroom fight is better initial build quality, a version of the V8 made famous in both the Corvette and Camaro, along with a fresher, and less of a boy racer look, inside and out, than the top Dodge Charger variants manage

If you want to burn rubber with baby onboard, the SS was meant for you.

*Full Article at Link
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