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2014 Chevrolet SS LED Tail Lights

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LED tail lights are one of those things I prefer to have especially on a premium vehicle such as the Chevrolet SS. Unfortunately we didn't get them on the 2014 model, maybe in the future?

How many of you would want LED tail lights for your Chevrolet SS?

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Sorry to necro post, but does anyone know if the GTS tails fit the SS?

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Well, I assume there is a way it just involves the whole rear fascia. I suspected as much, just had a faint hope they might overlap the same opening rather than actually be different. Bummer, the lights are one thing, shipping the entire fascia a whole different nightmare haha.

Does indeed look like only the fascia would be different, but still I bet shipping alone on such a big body piece would be 4 digits. :(

Nice ride. :)
No direct experience with these cars, but wiring shouldn't be that big of an issue. Standard LED issue with load, and possibly reverse fired turn signals which is a Chevy/GM thing (I can't say I've actually checked ours). Both have been overcome so many times that the techniques are pretty well understood. Probably more of a finicky fix than anything. I could be wrong, there have been GMs in the past with serious problems when changing lights.

It is hard to get HSV parts but not impossible, on a small scale anyways. I think the problem for us would mostly be shipping. It's not just a matter of ordering them up, but you'd need someone local like Crazy Paul to pay, receive, probably repackage and then ship again. There's customs drama, import fees, etc etc. Again, not impossible and by now probably pretty well understood, but definitely not cheap or easy.

For it to match you'd also need the skirts and the front fascia, you can see the parts blacked out in the shipping photo. I bet all-in you'd be looking at something similar to the aero packages offered by other OEMs and several thousand dollars in parts alone, and probably at least another thousand in shipping. They'd also only be factory painted in their colors, I don't know how well they match ours.

If someone has deep pockets and a real interest I can do a sanity check on getting the parts. I'd be curious at least. I already know from the research we've all done that it's going to end up being way out of the league I was looking for. Now I can only hope someone does a knockoff of the tails. Actually I wonder if someone already does, for the Commodore. Anyone know?
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Thanks for the lead, found this:

You can see them on their car.

Edit: I emailed JHP asking for more info about the SSV they worked on and if anyone had looked into whether the same setup would work on the SS.
The company that did the work on that guys car linked above didn't even bother to reply to me. Yay customer service.
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