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2014 Chevrolet SS Fender Vents: Like or Dislike?

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2014 Chevrolet SS Fender Vents: Like or Dislike?

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What do you think about the fender vents on the Chevy SS? Do you like or dislike it? and why?

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Is it functional? All can be forgiven if it is.
I highly doubt that fender vent is functional, doesn't seem to provide any real function. Usually vents on fenders are purposely their to help cool brakes down, how much air can really pass through that if any.

Plus the SS probably doesn't need it's brakes to be cooled in that way.
hm.. I can accept it there but I'd like to know what it looks like in person without it there.

If it serves no function I think it is kind of lame.

Fender vents also provide better aerodynamics by venting the air that gets caught in the wheel well out (and cooling the brakes at the same time)
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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