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2013 chevrolet camaro pricing leaked

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Couple things to take from this announcement....

  • 2014 Camaro SS will begin at $32,995
  • ZL1 will set buyers back at least $54,995
Camaro SS or even the ZL1 over an SS......

The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro has been priced for the European market, but things have been officially mum when it comes to the U.S. market. But due to a leak on Camaro5, we may have the answer to just what the 2014 Camaro will cost in America, down to every option.

For the base V6 Camaro, the vehicle MSRP is listed as $23,455 — a $110 mark up from the 2013 model year. Meanwhile the V8-powered 2014 Camaro SS will begin at $32,995, which is $360 over what we see currently. The ZL1 will set buyers back at least $54,995, while the ZL1 Convertible is listed as the most expensive model, at $60,155.

No pricing has been listed for the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. However the expectation is that it will be more expensive than even the ZL1.

Meanwhile, the 1LE performance package remains at a bargain $3,500, while the optional Recaro seats will set buyers back another $1,995.
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According to GM, this car is already faster around a track than the ZL1. Just because it has less horsepower doesn't make it a losermobile. As for the Mag ride. I'm no expert on suspension, but I don't think it has that either.

The Carbon Ceramic brakes that are on this thing probably cost 10 grand. Hand built LS7's are usually 5 grand more than any other motor. Yeah they removed the speakers, but GM probably gets those for a dime a dozen. No real discounts there.

Nah, 45k is an unreasonably low number. My 2SS/RS/1LE out the door was 44k.:shrug: And that's with a lowly LS3 which from what I can tell from TT_C6 is a pile of poo.
They did after all do some things to make it more of a drivers car. near 50/50 weight distribution, lower center of gravity and some others i cant remember. But missing some things mentioned on this forum that would have made it much better.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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