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  1. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    Looking for a 2015-2017 SS Must have is the A6 trans. I would like a sunroof but its not a deal breaker. Ideal mileage is anything under 50k mi. I want to try to stay away from the more "exotic" colors to keep cost down a bit. Colors that are preferred though are NGM, RH2, PBM, and HW but...
  2. SS Parts
    I'm looking for a complete stock air intake to purchase to convert back to stock. I don't need the MAF if that's an item you'd like to keep. 2017 SS, not sure if the intakes change any by year.
  3. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    I had a 2015 a few years ago, sold it, and now I'm thinking of getting back into an SS. I don't care either way on sunroof, color, stock vs modded, or miles. I'm located in DFW but willing to travel for a good one.
  4. Chevy SS Classified Forum
    Looking to get a stock unmodified/unmolested complete front upper grille with OE bowtie emblem. I am going to attempt a flow-tie but want to be able to revert back to a stock unit if it doesn't work out. I'm hoping there are quite a few of you with Holden grilles that have your stock units...
1-4 of 5 Results