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    Tires are brand new, zero miles. I bought them for this season, mounted and balanced them, but ended up trading my SS rather unexpectedly. Wheels are from a sixth gen Camaro LT (5758). I have used them for three seasons. They include TPMS sensors and Chevy center caps. Worst defect is a bit...
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    Has anyone ran a 285/40ZR19 tire on the rear of a 14 SS with the stock wheel? If so did we’re there any issues and of course with someone sitting in the back? I was looking at the Kumho Ecsta PS91’s with stick with the stock 245/40 on the front.
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    Looking to find these for sale in the United States. I have a 2015. Thanks!
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    Location: Buffalo, NY SOLD Selling my track day setup. Wheels are Privat brand which is a now defunct subbrand of Konig wheels. Wheel specs are 19x9.5 ET40. These require at least a 5mm spacer in the front to clear the brakes. I ran 5mm spacers all around, and will include these along with...