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  1. Exhaust/Intake
    Just finished my BTR Stage 2 Cam swap a little over a month ago along with a tune from Tim Hanes and finally got around to getting some video this weekend. I'll post another thread about the experience and the install but so far I'm absolutely loving this set-up, the sound is incredible and I...
  2. SS Parts
    SOLD Hello SS community, Been a forum reader for over decade and finally joined first forum with this first post. šŸ˜€ I bought a Solo 2.5 axle back with dual 3" tips back in May for my SS. Absolutely LOVE it. However I added a cam last month and now my stock mids are rather restrictive and just...
  3. Exhaust/Intake
    I've had my X-Force catback on the car since I purchased it and despite it's being a 3" system it was entirely too quiet, fast forward a few months adding Kooks headers and 3" catless mids, here's that sound clip and it's still too docile for me. So I did some research and then reached out to...
1-3 of 3 Results