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  1. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    17 M6 slicktop in NGM. 18,xxx miles. Great condition but has some decent scratches here and there, though someone good with a buffer could probably clean that up nicely. No reported accidents. Never modified but for vinyl tape to de–chrome, which frankly was only done okay at best, though a...
    $53,500 USD
  2. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    Pretty Straight forward 16-17 Manual cars w/ sunroof Mods are okay Will travel
  3. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    I had a 2015 a few years ago, sold it, and now I'm thinking of getting back into an SS. I don't care either way on sunroof, color, stock vs modded, or miles. I'm located in DFW but willing to travel for a good one.
  4. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    By way of introduction and first post, I am car less..... I have a DD of course but sold my beloved 05 GTO last October, behaved like a good boy and paid off ALL of my credit cards and saved up some dough. I am in SOCal or Arizona and my personal tastes run towards the cars no one else drives-25...
  5. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    I've chickened out. Sorry for the trouble; the car is no longer for sale. @Administrator please feel free to close/delete this thread.
1-6 of 6 Results