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  1. Forced Induction
    Hello! im currently in the process of installing a LSA supercharger on my 2015 Auto Chevy SS and im trying to start the car for the first time. i was told by Race Proven Motor sports the shop im bringing it to for the tune later on the car should start and idle rough without tuning but put the...
  2. Tuning the SS: Tips, Data, and Instructionals
    After being turned off by one tuner and getting short answers from another, I’m entertaining the idea of buying HP Tuners and learning to do it myself. I’m completely aware of the risks, however I have a hard time trusting my tune to someone who’s not tuned for boost on LS3’s at least a...
  3. SS Owner Build Journals
    I'm going to start documenting everything I do from now on with the car. It's a little late but better than never. We bought the car in 2016 CPO with 3,000 miles, the car was 100% stock. Once it hit 30k miles I decided to learn to tune using Hptuners with the SS. I figured if it gets faster...
  4. Forced Induction
    need help, how should these hoses be connected for lsa supercharger.
  5. Chevy SS General Discussion Forum
    Hi Guys, First post here. I have a 2017 AUTOMATIC SS with a recently (1 year ago) added LSA supercharger. I had it put on by a local shop that specializes in aftermarket LS3 upgrades. The entire experience since I had this installed has been painful and the car has never run correctly since...
  6. SS Parts
    I have for sale: Sold-An LS9 fuel rail $175 Shipped Sold- ZL1 fuel sending unit $75 Shipped Items are located in Grand Island, NY (Buffalo) I bought both in a package deal with some ID850’s. I only needed the injectors so these are for sale. Both are used. The description of the parts when I...
1-6 of 7 Results