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  1. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    Recently purchased a vehicle more suited for our needs (4 kids) and am seriously considering a sale of my 6MT Modified 2016 Chevy SS w/ 91K Miles. Car was modified and tuned by the awesome folks at Vengeance Racing in Atlanta, GA Whipple 2.9L Supercharger System for SS Sedan GM 3 Bar MAP...
    $45,000 USD
  2. SS Parts
    Just took these off to go with a 3 inch. Kind of don’t want to get rid of them but I already welded up the new one. I’m happy to ship on buyers dime.
    $650 USD
  3. Other
    Who has anything for a 2016 Chevy SS that for sale! Hit me up! Thanks guys!
  4. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    Selling due to my CT5V BW is finally built. 2016 NO sunroof, Full size Spare 6m, Holden badges in the front, rear and airbag, All weather trunk mat with Holden logo. 23,700 miles newish tires +- 6 months old Located in the Bay Area CA.
  5. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    Hey there, I’m selling my 2017 Heron White SS with 37,000 miles in on it. I’ve had this car for a little while now, and it’s time to move on to something else. This is an automatic car, and with a sunroof and a spare. As far as modifications go, the car is pretty much stock, with a few small...
    $55,000 USD
  6. for sale

  7. Chevy SS Classified Forum
    Selling a brand new (never used/installed) set of ARH Headers followed by a 3" X-pipe system that extends back to the factory axleback mufflers. I purchased these a while back but never got around to installing them due to my neighbors already complaining about the stock exhaust. Again, these...
  8. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    SOLD LOCATION: Greater New Orleans Area MILEAGE: 8750 (as of 9/25/2021) PRICE: $52K I am confident that I don't need to spill any ink describing this car, because if you're looking at this, you already know the basics. Similarly, I'll also spare you the details of the "how's" and "why's" of...
  9. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    Well, the day has come. I have joined the forum finally after 4 years, but I also must sell my 2017 SS. I'll be moving out of the country and would prefer to get this beauty into the hands of someone who really cares about it! I've owned it since new, having put only 13.6k miles on it. All...
  10. Chevy SS Dealers & Pricing
    Not mine but figured I'd share.
  11. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    By way of introduction and first post, I am car less..... I have a DD of course but sold my beloved 05 GTO last October, behaved like a good boy and paid off ALL of my credit cards and saved up some dough. I am in SOCal or Arizona and my personal tastes run towards the cars no one else drives-25...
  12. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    I've chickened out. Sorry for the trouble; the car is no longer for sale. @Administrator please feel free to close/delete this thread.
1-12 of 13 Results