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    Hey Everyone! If you happen to subscribe to MotorTrend On Demand (free 2-week trial), there are a couple of videos you might find interesting: 1) Search for the show "Ignition" Season 13, Episode 152 "2016 CHEVROLET SS SEDAN: THE NEW BENCHMARK SPORT SEDAN" - With Jason Cammisa driving and Rand...
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    Sold. Please Lock.
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    Quick question here. I just moved and don't have all my tools and I can't move my whole tool box as of right now. Does anybody know what size bolts mount the altenator and what tools I would need to replace it? Any help is much appreciated!
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    Hello, I’m new here and have a few questions. I’m considering buying a 2015 Chevy SS with around 55,xxx miles. I believe it to be a two owner car. The car does have a rebuilt title and everything lines up ok but could use some small adjustments. I know who did the repairs on it and trust that...
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