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  1. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    Selling my 2015 Chevy SS Red Hot 2. I have some flexibility in price but not hurting to sell it can continue sitting as a weekend driver or I can trade it in on another vehicle. Has the typical rock chips on the front end but no cosmetic or mechanical issues. No test drives without verified...
    $37,000 USD
  2. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey guys… haven’t posted in awhile… I spent a good while searching on the forum and the only thing I found was that the Amsoil 15K50 oil filter wasn’t available for awhile (probably when I bought the thing?). I have been running Amsoil in my 2015 SS for 4 years now. I usually get my oil and...
  3. Chevy SS General Discussion Forum
    New here, I was wondering what’s needed to run full e85 no flex fuel on my 2015 ss? Is it just injectors or something else I might need? Thanks in advance!
  4. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    Location Southern California, Pasadena Price $55,000, CASH ONLY No Trade No test drive without proof of funds, and no PPI. I have included undercarriage shots below. Up for sale is my 4 of 4, the last Alchemy Purple made. Bad: Chip on the hood, and bumper. Ding by driver side rear door. Rubber...
    $55,000 USD
  5. SS Parts
    I Bought This Kit For My 2017 Chevy SS And I Have Decided Not To Install Them. They Are Brand New Never Installed Parts. The Wheel Centers Are An Overlay Tho So Just Double Sided Taped On. Kit Includes Grille, Clips, Grille Trim, Badge For Front, Rear Trunk Badge, And 4 Center Over Lays. Asking...
    $360 USD
  6. Chevy SS General Discussion Forum
    I need some help on this one, if you guys are willing. I'm not planning on selling my car (ideally, I'd like to hold onto it forever), but I'd like to try to figure out the current market value of it. The problem is there are no Chevy SS's like it available for sale that I can find, so I don't...
  7. SS Owner Build Journals
    I'm going to start documenting everything I do from now on with the car. It's a little late but better than never. We bought the car in 2016 CPO with 3,000 miles, the car was 100% stock. Once it hit 30k miles I decided to learn to tune using Hptuners with the SS. I figured if it gets faster...
  8. Chevy SS General Discussion Forum
    Hey Everyone! If you happen to subscribe to MotorTrend On Demand (free 2-week trial), there are a couple of videos you might find interesting: 1) Search for the show "Ignition" Season 13, Episode 152 "2016 CHEVROLET SS SEDAN: THE NEW BENCHMARK SPORT SEDAN" - With Jason Cammisa driving and Rand...
  9. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    Sold. Please Lock.
  10. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Quick question here. I just moved and don't have all my tools and I can't move my whole tool box as of right now. Does anybody know what size bolts mount the altenator and what tools I would need to replace it? Any help is much appreciated!
  11. Chevy SS General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I’m new here and have a few questions. I’m considering buying a 2015 Chevy SS with around 55,xxx miles. I believe it to be a two owner car. The car does have a rebuilt title and everything lines up ok but could use some small adjustments. I know who did the repairs on it and trust that...
1-15 of 15 Results