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  1. Chevy SS General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, got a VF series 2 ssv redline. Bought it with an xforce exhaust. Whenever im driving in auto the car always upshifts a lot. I'll be going 50 and it'll be in 5th gear and the exhaust sounds absolutely terrible with one Hollow tone. In manual mode it sounds amazing once you get past...
  2. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    Sadly dad is selling his SS. I’m not ready to give mine up yet. He just doesn’t get to drive it as often as he would like to. Finally hit 14K after three years. He just wants it to go to someone who will really appreciate it and enjoy it. It is a very clean car. It is Phantom Black Metallic, has...
    $50,000 USD
  3. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    Hey there, I’m selling my 2017 Heron White SS with 37,000 miles in on it. I’ve had this car for a little while now, and it’s time to move on to something else. This is an automatic car, and with a sunroof and a spare. As far as modifications go, the car is pretty much stock, with a few small...
    $55,000 USD
  4. Chevy SS Vehicle Sales
    Looking to sell my 2017 Heron White currently with 24,2xx miles (goes up about 75mi/wk). Completely stock except for ceramic window tint. Maxpider front floor mats, Weathertech rear and trunk mat. Sunroof from the factory and I added the full OEM spare and kit (foam insert and jack). Located...
1-5 of 5 Results