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Grand Marquis
Oxidized Maroon
I've always liked the big Mercury's ever since i got to drive my dads, about 12 years ago i came across this one posted online at some hillbilly back lot used car dealer. when i say back lot, i mean back lot, as in cars were parked on rocks and grass, no pavement anywhere untill you hit the main road.... anyway, it had 43,XXX miles on it, it was cherry mint, ran smooth as butter and had that classic "rideing on a cloud" feel. it didn't last very long like that.... within 2 months of getting the car i yanked the engine and AOD trans... i had the bright idea to build a 347 stroker and convert the car to a T-5 manual trans... and so began the 12 year journey.... i stripped the engine down and ordered the stroker kit from eagle. my co-worker who was big into mustangs just happen to have a t-5 with pedals, clutch cable and everything at his house which i bought from him. then the car sat... and sat... and sat... for about 8 years.... while life kept throwing crap in my way... well i finally got back to working on it and over the course of 2 more years i slowly started the transformation, getting parts here and there, working on building the engine after having to bored and notched for the stroker kit. on the 3rd year it got serious, things started to come together and the engine was almost complete, i spent a lot of time fabbing up the clutch pedal assembly and getting that mounted and functional. keep in mind i've never built an engine from the ground up or converted a car from auto to stick... after a lot of testing, fitting, cursing, throwing things, things starting on fire, the day finally came where it was time to start it and see if the engine i built would run.... i was nervous as hell, i almost didn't want to do it, i had taken the efi system out and made it into a modular setup with fuel cell and made the engine carburated. so everything from fuel system to wiring was my doing... well, i turned the fuel pump on, pumped the gas a few times and it came to life! i nearly **** myself, it ran and sounded healthy! the next big hurdle was... would it move under its own power with the manual trans... holy crap it did! drove it up and down the street after being parked for over 8 years! i found out the driveshaft was too long so i had a custom driveshaft made from an f-250 reg cab short bed. i still had a vibration even in neutral.... crap... the rotating assembly i bought was unbalanced so at this point as of 4-2-17 its almost done going back together after sending the crank, rods, pistons, flywheel and balancer out to get balanced, lol
1986 Mercury Grand Marquis (Oxidized Maroon)


347 stroker converted to carburated, eagle stroker kit, ford racing high volume oil pump, hardened oil pump driveshaft, pro-comp 2.02 heads, ford racing x303 cam, edelbrock air gap intake, holly 700 carb with autochoke. converted to 5 speed manual!
gauges to replace the dummy lights
old cd player that skips
stock with the exception of colony park wagon springs in the back
Wheel and Tire



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