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Chevy Z06 coupe and SS
Race Yellow w/black Jake stripe and Huron White
C7.r manual 7 loaded and auto
Last minute Christmas present for my wife. December 2015 found this car at Michigan Dealer 25 miles from house. New never titled serial # 46 2016 Z06 C7r race yellow M7. Had been looking and repeatedly told all sold out since August. It was a good Christmas. Left for Florida for a month in January. Couldn't stand it so we had the car shipped to us in West Palm and tried to get the 1500 miles break-in before track time. Didn't quite make it. We scheduled a full track day at Miami Homestead International. Drove up from house in Keys (rental) and and ran through a couple tanks on the big track dropping into a good road course on the infield and back out to straights. It was my wife's first track experience. She loved it. I completed the break in... the rest is all good besides fighting heat soak issues. Mid Ohio was brutal on her until we had GM put sticker on hood lip stating 100 octane tune and requirements. Proper driving techniques and we have not had heat issues since. So much good to say about this car the design - heat issues did not dampen our experience more than one track day. No mods required one of 500 and will stay mostly concourse stock. Tires and brakes and tires and tires. I still work to support my habits including my awesome SS!
16 GM Chevy Z06 coupe and SS (Race Yellow w/black Jake stripe and Huron White)


All stock with factory warrantied GM 100 octane tune and label. So far (fresh off warranty).
C7.r floor mats
Factory Carbon fiber hood roof splitter and ground efeects and Rubber smudges from the distressed tires of Nismos and Porchez pushed on track!
Performance track alignment
Wheel and Tire
Factory yellow pin striped w/Pilot Cup ll and spare blk factory knock-off wheels w/pilot SS rain tires.



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