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..Purchased in 1974 as a family vehicle, then was passed down to daughter, and to son as they became licensed.
Eventually rebuilt the engine while son was driving - some where around 1988 - details in Under the Hood. Got the Nova back as a toy when the son went of to college in an '86 IROC Z. Some time in the late '90's it went to the son-in-law's garage for some heavier mods that turned it into a track only toy. Came back home after a few years and met a wall on opening day of our new 1/8 mi. drag strip. Repaired it and then our track closed for a few months and the car was sold.
Still see it at the drags occasionally where the photo was taken.
..1972 Chevrolet Nova (Blue)


..Original 307, 2bbl, 3 on tree, 3.08 open diff.
First mod = Rebuilt the 307 with cam, 4 bbl, headers, turbo mufflers, Muncie 4 spd, 4.10 posi, traction bars. Son's high school ride. After he went to Texas A&M in the IROC, I got to play- LOL. Ran a best of 13.49 quarter mile in this configuration. Think the speed was about 100-101. Memory lapse - this was about 23 years ago +/-.
Second mod = s-i-l installed the cage, spooled the diff, Turbo350 with manual vb, built .060 over 400 sb, ported 62cc iron heads, Comp Cams, 750 DP on Victor Jr., MSD ign and the other electronics. In this configuration it ran low 11.70's at 108+ in the quarter and low 7.40's at ~88 in the eighth.
..Stock except for a 10 point cage that was installed while in son-in-law's possession.
AutoMeter Gauges / tach / shift light, delay box, and two-step launch control.
Racers know what I mean :).
..Over the years primered and repainted original blue before being wrecked, repaired, and sold.
..Straight out of the headers! :-)
..all original
..1-5/8" primaries into 3" collectors - Open for racing, through turbo style mufflers for street
..Stock mono-leaf with Lakewood traction bars lengthened to hit the spring eyes with adjustable solid snubbers.
Wheel and Tire
..Street - Stock Steel wheels from mid 80's Malibu with 235/50R15 Western Auto GT radials

Track - Weld Draglite all around with skinnies on front, 28x10 Mickey Thompson ET slicks on rear



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