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True that, but about to get American boost!
Did you know how many variants we built? Gtsr-w1 with ls9 2.3lt supercharger then gtsr 1.9 supercharge sedan & ute then gts 6.2ls3 with bigger cam. Ltd add Magnum ute, Calais director. Then SSV sedan, ute & wagon, plain ss witch we sent to you with the caprice. Then sv series. Ever thing from ssv & up com with auto park, park assist, crash warning, lane change warning, tyre pressure on display, track time. You could get a caprice in a V series optional supercharger. I dont know whats in yours, i see you going for out mylink not sure if the Gmeter satnav & speed limit for what ever the speed is on the street you are on come through the hud. Fe3 suspension on ever modal under V seies race suspension everthing above. Then your 3mode change in all v8s option for sv6, none in the evoke. Then the differant utes, gtsr, gts, ssv, ss, sv, maloo, magnam, storm, thunder & standard. (Sorry) you probly know all this. Gotto luv the lion. Mine are de-badged & no bonnet scoops, wing on 1 std lip on the other. Speed alert set, so i don't get it crushed by cops