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  • Rkats413 ·

    saw your post about the 1 touch seat moving. Having problems using that in my 2017 M6. Disabled the easy exit for now so that i don't constantly have to hold the button to move the seat back into position.

    I've tried foot on break, parking brake engaged, tap it once, etc.

    SoCA-SS ·
    I have done nothing to you.
    I try and show respect to you for being a mod and a x-Marine.
    Please cut me some slack.
    thank you
    kathyb3 ·
    No, the dealer has not been able to print invoice, but the salesman is heavy into corvette sales and I don't think this is a high priority for him.... when my car was in, I found it by doing an inventory search before the dealer even knew it was in Calif.... I have been doing searches for the car every day and no luck!
    kathyb3 ·
    Well, we had an order number of RDDQMM and on 12/30 customer care tole me the cart was 3550 and on a ship to america..... the dealer is LESS than helpful!
    Bob Covello ·
    I've really gone and done it. Traded in my 2009 SRM Pontiac G8GT for a new SS. Looking at it right now in my garage. Black, no roof ,no spare, but a little dirty from the rain we've had in So Cal. 22 miles on it. Wife and I are taking it for a ride to the Indian Casinos in Northern San Diego County. Hope I will win a little $$$ to fill up my tank. Gonna use Chevron 91 or Shell 91 octane. Will get it detailed on Monday from the dealer I bought it from at no charge.

    Natedeezy ·
    Help Doug. So the dealer that I put the $500 down to hold the car said they don't have the invoice. All they have as of now is the order workbench. But he said that the first cars will be in AZ the time. ??? So then I get a call from a dealer that I talked to two weeks ago and he told me he got one coming in and has invoice on it. I do trust the one that I gave money to but why does he not have invoice. Does that mean he is getting it later? Thanks for your help.
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