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  • itry2fly ·
    Hello Pinetree,

    Thank you for Mod duty on this Forum, it is overwhelming all the info exchanged. I'm learning about a car that I just love everything about it!

    I have 3 posts on SS Forum my UN is itry2fly. I would like to get ahold of GM to send my Vin# to and came across a name and contact info 2-3 days ago but I'll be darned if I can find it again to send my Vin#'s to.

    2016 - SS Vin# 6G3F15RW0GL210752

    2017 - SS Vin# 6G3F15RW9HL307062

    UN, itry2fly
    Willbradfan ·
    Hey Pinetree, I was trying to edit my post as I probably shouldn't have mentioned the actual dealer that did the mess up just in case they look online. Do you know how I can edit my most recent post and remove the part about the Cadillac dealer?
    Dolores ·
    I can't find the message, but did you send me a message about a STO plate bracket you were willing to sell. I changed my mind and want to try the STO before putting on the factory one.
    Pinetree ·
    Hello, shoppinglee.
    Please read the rules for classified postings. They are found in a 'sticky' thread at the top of every classified ad area.
    With only one post to your account you have a way to go to be able to post your sales thread.
    Good luck with the sale when you are able to post there.
    shoppinglee ·
    Hi Pinetree,
    I just joined the forum for a few days and I'd like to post a new thread to sell my 2017 SS. However, I always hit the permission issues. Could you please advise what should I do before I'm able to post new threads in classified? Thank you.

    Pinetree ·
    Only administrators can change user names.

    Several options for getting word to them:
    You might try leaving them a visitor message as you did for me.
    You will need a couple more posts before you can PM them directly.
    You could send me the name you would like on the screen and I can contact them for you.
    My email is [email protected] if you want me to contact them.
    Or you could do as you mentioned and start a new account and let me know to delete the other one.
    Just let me know how you would like to proceed.
    phoenician117 ·
    Hi Pinetree, thank you again for the welcome. As a super moderator, I was hoping you could help me out with my account. It seems that I signed up on my mobile phone with my google account and it used my whole address as my username. Is there a way to just change my username or worse case delete my account so I can recreate it but have an actual username instead of using my email to display to everyone? I appreciate the help in advance!
    Z/28orsa ·
    Hi can you help me my account was up banned not sure why I don't think I violated any rules. No one is replying to my emails please help
    rvgr ·
    Hi there, i was trying to post a classified ad to sell my SS and was wondering why i'm unable to post. can you tell me why?
    Pinetree ·
    @harshaw61, your post count is not high enough to create new threads in any of the tech sections.
    Caption from the forum heading for the tech section:
    Chevy SS Tech Section General Tech Talk - Users need minimum 2 weeks and 20 posts to create threads
    Squadforce89 ·
    Would like to post in the classified ss parts forum, but keep getting the message that I do not have permission too. What may be the issue?
    MFE ·
    The user rights box in the lower left of threads still says "you may not edit your posts". Is there a setting I need to change?
    MFE ·
    It's weird, I'm using a windows laptop now, and a Mac earlier, and the edit button just isn't there. Edit: There's an edit button here, but under Posting Rules at the bottom of my thread, it says "you may not edit your posts"
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