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  • DAC SS ·
    Can you track (find a log) of serial numbers (VIN). Mine was build date 08/13.
    Serial number EL926571. I got it in December. Looking for some history on my SS.
    Does anyone know what the first serial (VIN) number was. They had to start with some number and date. Just want to know for kicks.
    I would like to link up with you and Mike sometime, as we are all in the Bay Area.
    We could line up Green, Sliver and White. Mike has my email address.

    z51vett ·
    Off Assy line Dec. 16th looks like I made ship have my vin from old friend at corvette asy plant. Your best guess on US arrival thanks for all you do for everyone on forum. Had all kids over assorted kin folks 10 adults and 4 kids fun fun. Got I pad from kids for me and wife life is good. Hope dealer is still going to give you supplier discount.
    Thank you
    rjandern ·
    Just wanted to give you a heads up. My vehicle status was updated recently. I think mine was on the 3rd shipment. Your car's status may have changed too. Z51vette's post is here.

    My vehicle status is
    3300 Scheduled For Production 10/09/2013
    3450 Import Vehicle Produced 11/2/2013
    3550 Import Vehicle Shipped 11/14/2013

    Going by z51's status update timeline, his car's status changed to 3550 around the same time the first shipment changed ships. Don't know if its correlation or causation but though it might be another piece to the puzzle. Keep up the great work, it's very much appreciated.

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