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  • 6.2L5.0ETR ·
    Hey there...

    I am a fairly new SS owner. What have you done to your SS? I just read your post about the springs. I would like to know how that works out. I am interested in reducing the GAP in the wheel well too! I have a RotoFab CAI, Kooks LT headers, and catted X pipe in the garage. Just waiting on the time to install...


    Ls3 ·
    Hello Brooster,

    I think you commented on my new member intro but i wanted to PM you.. I saw a post that said you have ARH? I love them but have never heard a car with them(only videos that sound absolutely amazing). What is your impressions? Considering putting on my 15 6MT.
    Broooster ·
    The latest I could meet is noon on Saturday. Bday party is at 3 in Northwood Ohio, basically the east side of Toledo. I will need time to hustle back, never know what Saturday traffic will be like. Would Angola Indiana work for you at all? But still, noonish I need to be heading back towards the Toledo area.
    OptimusPrime ·
    Think I’ll take them. Battle Creek would be awesome if you could. Any possibility for Saturday? What time is your party? When could you meet up? I could leave way early. Can’t do Sunday or Monday.
    OptimusPrime ·
    Checking with my roommate to see if he’s going to Flint this weekend. If not, I’ll have to see if I can make it. Will you be around this weekend? Mark

    If you have more pics, you can send to 630-561-9333.
    OptimusPrime ·
    This might work but I’d have to drive up to get them. Didn’t have any plans to come anywhere near Michigan soon. My roommate might be headed to MI for the holiday. He can check them out, been with Discount Tire for over 20 years. Could give him cash. Is $1,700 the best? All original just off the car before 3K miles, correct?
    OptimusPrime ·
    New member here. New SS owner since March, 2017 Heron White M6 w/ spare. Somewhat considering picking up an extra set of OEM wheels. Still available? Mark
    zb2017ss ·
    I wonder if you still have any brochures left. If so, I'd love to have one.

    My address is:
    Z.B. Lorenc
    5910 Houchard Rd
    Dublin OH 43016

    Please let me know if PayPal works for you, amount and what email to use for payment.


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