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  • Benh ·
    Hi Dave, Great to hear from you. I actually have been down with a nasty bug called c diff colitis and have been laying low. I am on the mend now but it is slow. On to better stuff - I drove the SS down to FL in early January and left it there with the intent of being back next week but I had to cancel those plans. Hopefully, I get her back at the end of March or early April. The SS rode like a dream on the way down, it was a pure joy...all 20 hours!
    I too had a run in with a tire issue, but this was all me - I whacked a curb pretty good coming out of a parking lot. Got a nice ding to the wheel and a slight sidewall tear but not all the way through. Other than this and not being able to drive it or see it, all has been good...I can't wait to get it and me back in the game!
    If I were feeling better I would plan to meet up while you are down this time, or maybe when I get up that way, likely this summer. Ben
    Gangreen16SS! ·
    I'm going to be driving somewhere west of you in the big green machine Friday afternoon/evening, on my way to Eaton, PA.

    Porsche Club is having the east coast technical tactics session at Porsche Cars of North America training facility down there.

    It'll be my first road trip with the big beast. Had it in Boston (for another PCA event) last Sunday. Even with four good winter tires on the car, it is a real handful in six or so inches of wet sloppy snow.

    How's you car treating you?

    I just passed 3k miles. Have had two "road hazard" kills on tires, major sidewall bubbles. Right front Bridgestone, with under 1K miles on it. Right rear Pirelli winter tire, with under 1K miles on it. The winter tires are mounted on forged 2015 wheels, and both right side wheel rims are bent, not badly. The 2016 wheel which had the Bridgestone wipe out is undamaged. Going to learn to be much more mindful and observant of holes in the pavement.


    Gangreen16SS! ·

    Just talked with Justin U at Terryville.

    As you said, he seems very helpful.

    He took my contact info, heard and understood my concerns, and said after he finished with a customer with whom he was currently dealing, would talk to the sales manager.

    Thaks for calming me down and for the pointer!

    dave carter
    Gangreen16SS! ·
    Hey Ben H, is it appropriate for me to mention Ben H when I call Justin Uriano at Terryville today?

    I SHALL keep the conversation civil, and just ask if he has any cycles if he could poke around to see what might be going on with the green machine.

    As i said in the forum last night, thank you for playing adult and basically telling me in different words, DUH-Bro I gave you a possibly intermediary-follow up or shut up! :)

    dave carter
    liasom ·
    While checking ask about rates to Harriman TN 37748. If timing works out the dealer could possibly hold them there for me. I'm flying there from Dallas to drive the car back home.
    liasom ·
    Zip is Dallas TX 75238. My car has a deposit paid and is at a dealership near Knoxville TN and don't know when the deal will complete. But am interested.
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