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  • ScottoCaSS ·
    Will do. So as far as you know, or read, there is no such thing as a filtered positive source in the SS. Right?
    I just find it interesting that we get no interference running just the stock amp.
    ScottoCaSS ·
    Thanks. I appreciate the suggestions. I have not posted anything yet because I don't have the privileges to start a thread. I think I don't have enough comments to other people's posts?! :)
    I'll check your wiring diagram again. If fact I think I took yours as an example, but will double check. And I'll also check my cables.
    I connected the dsp and amp straight to the battery (+) but grounded them to the chassis. Will see.
    Thanks again.

    ScottoCaSS ·
    Hey antwerpflash,
    I have been reading your posts and some others from different people.
    I was wondering if you ran into any interference noise from the headlights and blinkers when you installed you stereo upgrades.
    I installed a DSP DaytonAudio DSP-408, a mono Rockford Fosgate Amp, and a 10" sub a few weeks ago. It sounds very clean until the headlights come on. I have a 2017. I already checked all the standard things like connections and ground loop.

    Do you have any idea on how to solve this? I have read on here something like a power source that is after some sort of filter. This would be an alternative place to connecting the amp and DSP instead of connecting to the battery.
    Thanks. I appreciate your time.
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