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Originally Posted by Sheffield Steve View Post
It makes us all feel good, but in reality it will have zero effect on climate change and just makes everyone poorer.

All we are doing is playing into China's economic hands. We are cutting back, by making energy very expensive, whilst they bring on new fossil fuel power plants on a scale unimaginable to us.

In the long term it guarantees that China will dominate us (and Europe) economically.
It's true unfortunately. I very much believe we (everyone) are well and truly effed. Without the entire planet being on board with a plan and willing to pay for it, it's like trying to refill a leaky bucket. You are as good as your weakest link.

I do think we'll eventually figure it out, but not until some major cities are underwater or made uninhabitable by climate change. Human tendency is not to look further ahead than our own nose.

We'll get there guys. In the mean time, tell your children to invest in sand bags, or the high ground.
I think the scifi show The Expanse had it right, build that wall, LOL.

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